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Red Satin Gown

Today I would like to present Red Satin Gown that I’ve been working on since February. Although the project was totally diffrent at the beginning, I’m so happy with my first Tambour Beaded creation for Icorose Doll Yumi ♥

Since I saw Grace Panisara on her Instagram profile, I was very fascinated by her unique & couture dresses for Dolls. I watching many videos and tutorials about Tambour Beading, just to learn how to embroider own patterns with beads on the hoop.

Everything seemed simple in theory, so I started practicing. Being full of enthusiasm, I bought the necessary equipment – hoops, stand, crochet and beads. Then I spent the whole month to sew a Dress for Yumi. To my bad surprise at the end, the dress didn’t fit nicely on the body.

I was close to give up… But luckily I found another emboider master Natalia Golovko from whom I took a few lessons more. Everything has started again according to new rules and that’s how the Red Satin Gown was created. This experience was game-changing and taught me something important. I heard it once:

The idea that wants to be created, will be created sooner or later.


Never give up & Stay tuned!

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