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Black Couture Gown

One is never overdressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress. Karl Lagerfeld

Today I would like to present the biggest project that I’ve created for Icorose Doll Yumi so far. I couldn’t convince myself to sew something black for Dolls for a long time, but finally Black Couture Gown is absolutely the one I’m super proud of!


The idea for this Dress arose on the spur of the moment when I saw a little piece of black guipure lace in my local Fabric Store. Do you remember this pattern? In previous years, I also used it for Doll creations, but in powder pink hue. Without thinking too long, I started working on my dream haute coutre project.


Exercises on the hoop showed the first results. This time I pulled on the tulle correctly, flesh underneath and black on top. Then I started sewing flower elements and beads among the template lines. When everything was ready, I cut out the parts and sewed them together. At the end, I made the bottom of the dress, and similarly, on two layers of tulle I sewed stripes of pleated elastic mesh. I also added satin ribbons as the shoulder straps and tied little bows. The Dress is fastened with a black zipper on the back.


It seems simple, right? Creating structures is currently my favourite part in the process ♥ This is what I’m aiming for this year, to feel confident in sewing haute couture pieces. I hope there will be a few more glamorous gowns for Icorose Doll Yumi by the end of 2020. Keep fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I have to take a short break in the Studio due to renovation at home and other personal reasons. But I should be back again as soon as possible.


Stay tuned!

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